• How long does the hair last?

Pampered Collection Luxury Hair can last for a long time when handled with proper care. The better you take good care of the hair ,the longer it will last . Our clients normally use the hair for 8-12 months

  • How much does the hair weight?

Each  hair bundle weights approximately 3.5 ounces.

  • How much hair do I need?

The average person would need about 2-3 bundles for a full installment. When purchasing lengths 14-18, we recommend buying 2 packs of hair. When purchasing lengths 20-28, we recommend buying 3 packs of hair.

  • Can I color the hair?

Yes, hair can be dyed. It lifts beautifully. Have fun

  • How long does shipping take?

 3-5 Business days for your order to be shipped . Processing occurs Monday-Friday. (If you ordered on Friday your order will be processed on the next business day which is Monday.)

Domestic Regular Flat Rate Shipping is 5-7 Business days depending on your location.

International Shipping is 7-10 Business days depending on your location.

All Packages Delivery is with the USPS. Business days are Monday-Friday

 Shipping Activity will become available after 24 hrs.

Orders are processed daily, so orders cannot to be altered or changed once your payment is complete.

  • Does Straight Diva Delights accept refunds?

No, we do not accept refunds, all sales are final. 

  • Hair Care

Our hair extensions should be treated with proper care,its an investment.

  1. Silk scarf/bonnet is recommended for sleeping.

  2.  hair extensions should be washed once at least once a month to prevent build up.

  3. Use both shampoo and conditioner when washing.

  4. Use wide tooth comb or paddle brush when combing( start from the end working your way up toward scalp area).

  5. Let  hair air dry